Tuesday, 9 September 2008

What Moleskine?

I've sent all of you emails on the idea of starting this up, let me know if you want to invite anyone else and I can give them access to post on this site etc. Well I guess if we want to start this up the first thing is to decide on what kind of Moleskine we want to get. There are several types on this site so let me know what you all think is best and I'll order the first one. Most of the other sites I've found seem to use Moleskine Japanese Album with zig zag fold out pages but this site also does a heavier paper watercolour version or larger sized versions. Any how let me know what you think


1 comment:

Joanna1980 said...

Hello everyone,
I've just received the Moleskine from Isla so I'll start sketching now!!!1


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